Not really a bullish week; Macro: LEI; Earnings: Tightening Lending Standards; Calendars; Closing Thoughts: Proceed with Caution
FAQs on the new program from the Fed to shore up liquidity for the Banks and avoid a Banking Crisis
Overall, not a bad CPI report
A week of carnage; What's next after Silicon Valley Bank?; Earnings and Recession; The Week Ahead
What happened with Silicon Valley Bank and should we be worried?
What we need to see in the macro picture
First up week in a while, Fed Speak; the end of Q4 earnings
A mix of ETFs and Stocks with exposure to China
A strategy note for March 2023

February 2023

3rd straight down week; Warren Buffett's letter; Earnings recap; Calendars
Inflation wasn't the only thing discussed
A look at the major cruise lines and whether any of them are a buy here